Top 10 Vegetarian Indian Dinner Ideas For Weight Loss

Over the last decade people have really opened up to the idea of following a vegetarian diet as it offers many health benefits. Vegetarian dishes are quite tasty and contain exotic flavors, vibrant spices, and herbs. People are adapting vegetarian diet in order to avoid obesity and heart disease. Here are some ideas for vegetarian Indian dishes that will help you knock off those extra pounds.

 Vegetarian Indian Dinner for Weight Loss

An Overview Of Vegetarian Diet

Vegetarian food is completely without any meat or animal products. However, some people include dairy, honey, and eggs in their diet too. There are many vegetarian dishes when cooked the right way can help you maintain proper body weight. A recent survey has revealed that people who consume lot of meat tend weigh a lot more than vegetarians and also tend to develop health issues to due to much consumption of meat.

10 Vegetarian Indian Dinner Ideas For Weight Loss

Are you confused about what to eat in order to loss weight? Well, no worries let us help you with that. Here is a detailed list of some vegetarian dinner ideas to help you lose all that extra weight. Are you excited? Then keep reading.

1. Soup With Sweet Potato And Red  Lentil

The good thing about this recipe is that sweeet potatoes have a lot of resistance starch and so rich calories are much less than sugar and proteins. However when out  eat them you feel  full, but the calorie intake is low Lentils are known to produce good bacteria in your gut, they cut down on insulin resistance and heal the stomach. You should eat 3 servings of lentils daily.

2. Chickpea Masala

It is a lesser known fact that if you begin the day with chickpea you actually cut down 200 calories for your next meal. Chickpea has a lot of fiber and it helps you fill your stomach and also facilitates good digestion. This recipe is quite soothing and is ideal for winters. You  can eat this with roti’s made from flour.

3. Keerai Poriyal

Doctors recommend that we should eat at least 60 grams of green leafy vegetables daily. This could either be  in  the form of salad or stir fried. This is one recipe that makes a very healthy dinner. You can use leafy vegetables like Mustard Greens, Spinach, Dilli  leaves, and  Amarnath leaves. This can be combined with brown rice and sambhar. You can eat brown rice for dinner as it has negligible glycemic index.

4. Brown Rice And Quinoa

If you are bored of trying the conventional dosa, try this. You can even prepare the batter and store in  the fridge or three days and it will be just fine. This can be eaten as dinner too. You can eat this this with mint chutney and vegetable sambhar. AAdding quinoa and brown rice is the healthiest way forward.

5. Oats Pongal

Now, if you have had a hectic day and do not have  the energy to cook intricate dishes. Then you can go for this. This is one of the simplest dishes to make. You can eat this with some fresh fruits and some vegetable soup. If you do  not want to eat normal ghee, go right ahead and use vegan ghee. The dish has low calories and is very nourishing. This also has lentils in it.

6. Vegan Tofu With Palak

What is so special about this dish? Well, it is simple to make and it contains leafy greens that help in keeping the blood pressure down and slows down the process of fatty acids getting absorbed. Leafy greens vegetables also improve the immunity. The dish is loaded with nutrients. Just  add some tofu in place of cottage cheese. This way you cut down on the cholesterol. You can eat this with rotis or brown rice.

7. Bajra Khichdi

This dish is very nourishing as it contains vegetables, lentils, and grains. All these foods are very low in calorie. The good thing is  it is very tasty. This dish is known to produce Tryptophan in the body which causes natural sleep and it is a good thing. You also have the option of using leagy  vegetables  to make it more  healthy.

8. Ragda Pattis

This dish needs to be cooked very carefully, if you use too much of oil then it becomes very high in calories, thus making it unhealthy. Just dab the pan with a light coating of oil to cook the ragda. You can add some sweet potato in the patty. This recipe is ideal for dinner.

9. Daal- Dhokli Vegan  Variant

This is a classic dish that can never go wrong. If you have never tried this out then you  have missed out on a great dish. This can be cooked easily  and the cost does not come to much either. This has lentils and wheat flour. This recipe has a lot of protein in it and  youdo not require too much ingredients.

10. Capsicum Paratha And Tofu

Research has shown that soy beans have been very instrumental in helping people lose weight and reduce chances of PMS. These are also known to eliminate chances of breast cancer. You can use tofu in stead of paneer and cut down on the extra calories. In fact, tofu offers more nutrition than paneer. Cook the capsicum  paratha with  very little oil and you should be fine. This dish is a favorite in every Indian household.


An  Indian Vegetarian diet is the best way to  lose all those extra pounds. This way  you will be able to  cut down on beverages and sugary food.  A vegetarian diet will ensure that your body is getting enough of fibers to facilitate proper digestion. Proper digestion is the key to maintaining a proper body weight. With a vegetarian diet you  can add some exercise too as it will  really help you in the long run. These were the top 10 vegetarian  Indian  dinner recipes  that are perfect to lose weight. So, start following them today and get healthy.