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We take pride in delivering exceptional services to our clients. But don’t just take our word for it.

Read and watch about what some of our past clients had to say about our nutrition counseling approach and the results of our programs in various social platforms.

Here are a few testimonials which we accept with humility.


Experience shared by our clients

Ms. Aayushi ( Santacruz ) ”


About Dietician & Clinical Nutritionist Geetanjali Ahuja Mengi and her Team

Harini (Santacruz)

Experience of our Client

Dr. Shashank Shah ( Santacruz )


My TSH levels were gained high day by day, in spite of having medicine in the morning, but after meeting Geetanjali (senior dietician) my TSH levels have come down have become more active and have lost weight. After getting so wonderful results, many of my friends have joined her programs. Geetanjali and Her team are doing an amazing job and I highly recommend them!

Dharini (Mumbai)

Nutritional talks with
Dr. P.S.Ramani about Dr. Geetanjali Ahuja (Mengi)”
DR. PS Ramani ( Dadar )


“My experience with Dietician Geetanjali and her team thus far has been great. I had lots of medical issues but once I started taking a customized diet of Geetanjali, many of my health problems started getting cured. The best thing I like is that all my follow-ups were taken by Geetanjali (In spite she is very busy). In 4 months of time, I have approximately lost 14+ KG and I am sure, sooner I can touch my target. Receiving Food and Water Reminder on my phone was very helpful. Overall I am very happy.”

Rajesh Shah (Dadar)


“I had heard a lot about Geetanjali from people and once I watched her videos, I felt that I am going to the right Dietician who is very good in her subject. Apart from losing weight, I had many medical conditions but under her guidance just in 2 months, I am feeling better and started looking sleek. Her team is really very good who go on motivating me. These guys are really pushing you to achieve your targets.”




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