11 Best Foods That Helps to Lose Weight

Most people who consider losing weight imagine a fad diet and a whole lot of exercising. However, they have got a much healthier solution. It is the adding of foods in their diet that help with a high metabolism, steady energy, and lengthy satiation.

Moreover, they don’t have to consume a lot of chicken, eggs, yogurt, and customary “health” foods. Individuals who follow a vegan diet can reap the benefits of foods that burn fat. Next, we discuss 11 such foods for loss of weight!

Black Beans

Black Beans

Black beans are very rich in nutrients, protein, fiber, folic acid, and calcium. People can have them with rice, add them to salads, make burgers from them, or make black bean brownies.  Black beans have a slow digestion rate that helps people stay fuller for longer. They also have ample fiber for helping with digestion.



There is indeed no scientifically established weight loss characteristics of Garlic. However, they lend meals a flavor without the use of much salt or oil.



Quinoa does not have gluten and is a complete protein.  Moreover, Quinoa is rich in fiber, iron, and B vitamins. A key to loss of weight is a diet having ample fiber and protein but not having much fat. Quinoa fulfills these requirements. The amount of fat present in dry quinoa of a fourth of cup is only 2.5 grams. A great part of this amount is monounsaturated fat, which is healthy for the heart. This whole grain makes a savory dish with whole grains and a hot cereal with natural sweeteners and fruits. People can also add them to baked goods for making cookies and muffins that are richer in fiber and protein.



What makes dates so helpful in weight loss? Being rich in soluble fiber, dates make a constipation aid and regulate digestion. They are also of use as a natural sweetener. The digestion of Natural sugars is different from white sugars in that they cause less insulin spikes. Date paste can be added to cookies, cakes, and more baked goods as a substitute for white sugar!

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds help a lot with weight loss. Chia seeds have a low calorie content but are rich in nutrients. An ounce of chia seed shave a good serving of fiber, protein, and fat. They can be added to smoothies, sprinkled on yogurt, used to make chia pudding, and added to juice. They keep people full for a long time hours and offer a complete serving of nutrients.


Almonds of an ounce has a generous serving of protein, fiber, monounsaturated fat, and vitamin E, magnesium and manganese. Almonds are established to help with weight loss by substituting a snack.


Blackberries, blueberries, mulberries, and raspberries and other small fruits usually havea low calorie content but are rich in nutrients. There is more to berries that ample antioxidants and vitamin C. Researches reveal that they have a host of health benefits that include a better memory and weight loss.  Some nutrient-dense berries will lessen a person’s craving for sweets and boost their energy!

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Collard Greens

A vegan can have a hard time getting sufficient iron, B vitamins, and protein. The good news is that a vegetable that provides people with more of all the above three is Collard greens. A cup of this green has generous servings of protein, fiber, and B vitamins and iron. People who feel full and energetic are less prone to cravings. A liberal helping of this green must be in their weekly diet.



Even fruits that are rich in sugar help with weight loss as they can be an alternative for ice creams. Bananas aren’t just rich in fiber. They’re natural beta-blockers and calm the nervous system and support natural sleep. Stress and Insomnia are the greatest opponents of weight loss. Having the occasional banana is likely to give results.



Two tablespoons full of flaxseed offer a balanced ratio of protein to fiber along with potassium, magnesium, and Omega-3s. Going by studies, they’re likely to fight back high cholesterol. They could also regulate blood sugar. Flax is often sprinkled on popcorn and yogurt and put into smoothies. They are also added to cereals and baked goods. Flax seed is an ideal low calorie fiber crop for feeling full and maintaining a healthy bone density and lean muscle mass.

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Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

A key reason that coconut oil is excellent for weight loss is the presence of MCTs. These fatty acids go straight to the liver and turn into energy sooner compared to other fat sources. MCTs, help people be more energetic for longer and thus help them burn more calories and possibly more weight!


Many healthy foods make good additions to a weight loss diet. There’re more vegetables, nuts,fruit, legumes, and seeds to those mentioned above. Lean meat and fish are also good. Processed foods that include extra-virgin olive oil and probiotics yogurt also make excellent choices.