Healthy Homemade Indian Food for Kids

List of 7 best Homemade Indian Food for Kids: As a parent, your kids’ health is of utmost concern to you. No wonder your home often turns into a battle zone when you are forced to chase your kids getting them to eat well. Yes, kids often refuse to eat what’s healthy for them. That’s why, you are left wondering what are the foods you should serve your kids to make sure that they live a healthy life.

Healthy homemade Indian food for kids

The food you serve should be nutritious with the right balance of healthy fats that stimulate the brain and calcium that strengthens the bones. There should also be enough of vitamins and minerals as well for proper nourishment. We realize that you are worried stiff about what you should feed your kids for their good health. We are here to relieve you of your stress as we bring you seven healthy Indian foods for your kids.

The Best Homemade Indian Food for Kids


Beans are humble, yet quite a super food! You can prepare them in a jiffy. In a matter of minutes you have a dish rich in protein and fiber. We recommend that you pick canned beans like black beans, kidney beans, or chickpeas that are low on sodium. Simply bring home a can, scoop the beans out and rinse them before adding them to your favourite dish. You can toss some beans into pasta to add a touch of rich protein and fiber- an essential nutrient. Fiber helps by keeping your kids feeling full longer so they don’t gobble up snacks every now and then, an unhealthy habit.


If you manage to stay mindful of the sugar content, yogurt is just perfect for breakfast or even as a filling snack or dessert. What’s more, yogurt contains enough of protein and vitamin D as well that makes it a truly nutritious food. Your kids will also have healthy guts with regular intake of yogurt as it contains the good bacteria, probiotics. We recommend that you buy plain Greek yogurt due to its zero sugar content. Moreover, it’s also packed with twice the protein of regular yogurt. Avoid flavored yogurt to ensure that your kids’ sugar consumption stays in check. Here is the diet for cardiac diseases.


If you are looking to add some healthy fats to your kids’ diet with no fuss, go for avocado. They have a high content of monounsaturated fat which ensures healthy cholesterol levels while decreasing inflammation. The fat in avocado moves along the digestive tract very slowly making sure that your kids stay full much longer. What makes avocado really special is how versatile it is. Your kids can help themselves to a scoop in a spoon, as a spread on a toast, add some to a smoothie, mix some of it with a bit of chicken or tuna or even add some to pasta.


Eggs have very high protein content. If you serve your kids a large egg, you pack in 6 grams of protein with a punch of vitamin D and vitamin B12 as well as iron that creates blood. Your kids’ brain development is also boosted by some eggs that have added omega-3 fatty acids. Eggs aren’t too bad for cholesterol either as trans-fats are more harmful when it comes to bad cholesterol. Eggs make for an ideal breakfast—just scramble some for a healthy treat. They are also a better option as snacks when compared to pastries, processed meat, and fried foods. You could also serve a tasty egg salad or casseroles.

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts are the perfect option if you are looking to get your kids to eat something healthy instead of munching crunchy snacks that are low on fiber and virtually have no food value at all. With each serving of nuts and seeds, you ensure that your kids take in healthy amounts of fiber, protein, and healthy fats. Your kid may be allergic to tree nuts. In that case, seeds are a safe choice that ensures that your kid doesn’t miss out on important nutrition. With a high content of magnesium, nuts help develop strong bones and boost energy production. You may serve only nuts or add some chia seeds to peanut butter.

Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are very nutritious and they are the ideal food to take when your kids are rushing to school. Simply wash a sweet potato and put it into the microwave for 3-5 minutes after you’ve poked a few holes into them. After you slice it lengthwise, allow it to cool. Lay them down on a plate for a healthy food perfect for kids right from 6 months to 16 years old. Coming to their food value, they have lots of vitamin A, fiber and potassium. Sweet potatoes are healthy for your kids’ heart and good for their blood sugar levels as they limit salt intake while increasing potassium.


Berries are packed with goodness! Just a cupful of berries is packed with as much as 4 grams of fiber. It also has a high content of vitamin C with a fair amount of antioxidants like anthocyanins. All berries, strawberries, blackberries, as well as blueberries have low sugar content as compared to a whole lot of other fruits. Get some fresh berries and serve them as a tasty and healthy snack. They also make a yummy topping for servings of yogurt. We suggest that you go for unsweetened frozen berries if the fruits aren’t in season. Try mixing them overnight into a jar of oats or a rich smoothie.


We have freed you of the constant tension about what food you should serve your kids for their good health. We have included items that you can simply lay out on a dish and serve. There are also those you could cook a healthy snack with. Opt for food that’s easy to digest and keeps your kids feeling full longer. The foods we have mentioned are rich in healthy fats, proteins, nutrients, vitamins, and other essentials. Our suggested foods are sure to keep your kids in the pink of health.

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