Obesity Consultants in Mumbai

Geetanjali Ahuja is one of the leading obesity consultant in Mumbai and has an experience spanning over 17+ years. A specialist in Bariatric Surgery, Geetanjali is a member of the International Association for Study of Obesity and All India Association for Advancing Research in Obesity and contributes for different causes whenever required. Functioning with a team of highly qualified consultants, Geetanjali is known to be country’s leading obesity consultant and has been actively participating in creating awareness about obesity. Call today +91-98691-92070 for appointment.

What is Obesity and the possible ways to reduce it

Obesity is one of the most common and talked about health issue throughout the world. There are many possible reasons for obesity with which the right treatment and care can be managed properly. Basically obesity means the presence of extra fat in our body. In medical terms it is a condition during which a person is known to carry extra weight or body fat which is known to affect their health.  It increases the risk of heart ailments, can cause high blood pressure, and several other health disorders.

According to the doctors a person with high Body Mass Index is known to have obesity. Body Mass Index is the tool to ascertain a person’s right weight according to their height, age, and sex.  And when a person has a BMI or Body Mass Index of 30 or higher, they are considered to be obese. There is a proper scale of BMI which indicates the obesity class. There are many causes which can lead to obesity like genetic, indulging in unhealthy diets or intake of foods with high calorie, inactivity or a lazy lifestyle can also cause obesity.

However with a proper diet, exercise it can be taken care of. One of the most commonly used ways to reduce obesity or excess body fat is regular workout. A short and brisk walk during the morning or evening regularly can help reduce obesity and also maintain a healthy body. Indulging on low calorie, nutritious foods, and vegetables, avoiding fat or similar products high in calorie can help in reducing obesity at a significant level.

In order to keep a track of the amount of calories burnt, one must always monitor their activities regularly. Like keeping a track of their weight regularly or once in a week can help the person understand how much it is working. But all of these must be done under the guidance of obesity consultants or doctors. Doctors or consultants provide or prescribe according to the patient’s health. They provide medicines or recommend diet only after a proper look at the patient’s records.

Why Us

With over 15 years of experience, 24 x 7 consultant support facilities, proper food guides, diet kits, personalized diet plans, food reminder alerts, love food tracking system, and many such attributes, Geetanjali Ahuja’s health care centre in Mumbai is the best option.  And Geetanjali is one of the best options when it comes to dealing with obesity. With a team of highly qualified doctors or consultants, Geetanjali and her facilities are known to be the best in Mumbai.  Her clinic is known to be equipped with the latest technologies and well trained members who takes care of their clients with full attention and care.


  • A quick assessment of your body profile
  • Evaluation of your lifestyle and diet
  • Personalized and accurate diet plan and exercise plan
  • 24*7 helpline services VIA WHATSAPP
  • Food tracking applications
  • Reminder alerts VIA WHATSAPP
  • Counseling to keep you motivated in your journey to weight loss