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Geetanjali is one of the leading sports nutritionists in Mumbai. She runs a private clinic and has worked with several top sports companies and professionals. One of India’s most sought after nutritionist; her list of clients includes famous sports stars, athletes, etc. She is also associated with many schools and an active member of Vogue Beauty Awards.

Importance of Sports Nutrition

Diet plan by GeetanjaliNutrition, one of the most talked about topic in our daily life. Everybody wants to lead a healthy lifestyle, but when it comes to doing it in the right way people often feels lost.  Incorporating the right amount of nutrition in our regular diet is really essential. A good and healthy diet filled with nutritious products helps people to deal with tedious jobs and hectic schedules. And when it comes to athletes, the right type and amount of nutrition is a must for them to stay fit always.

Athletes need to follow a strict diet filled with proper proportions of nutrients, proteins, and other necessary healthy ingredients. They must follow the instructions of their dieticians. Keeping in mind the amount of exercise and hard work they do regularly, it is really important for people in sports to have their foods at the correct time and as mentioned.

Basically nutrition is of two types- Macro and Micro nutrients. Macro-nutrients are required in large amount, whereas Micro-nutrients are needed in smaller amounts. Most of the food consumed by the people is a mixture of many different types of nutrients and other healthy substance. So, all of these nutrients must be present in the right quantity. Too much or too less of any nutrients can lead to healthy issues.

Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are the three most important nutrients needed to lead a healthy and normal life. Carbohydrates provide energy required to function throughout the day. They can further divided into two simple categories of Simple and Complex Carbs. Simple Carbs, as the name suggests is that energy providing carbs which are absorbed quickly into the body. And Complex Carbs are those which provide energy to the body for a longer duration.

Proteins on the other hand are the raw material which helps in building our muscles. Fats on the other side are the one’s needed to build our muscles. All of these three things, carbohydrates, protein, fats, are needed in the right amount to lead a healthy life. Especially for the people in sports, foods rich in protein and nutrition are a must for them.

Why Us?

Because at her health centre the main aim is to make the idea of healthy food clear to the people and provide them a healthy lifestyle. At Geetanjali clinic we  provide personalized attention to each and every customer by keeping a track of their health and providing them nutrients accordingly. And also Geetanjali is one of the best options when it comes to sports nutritionist in Mumbai. With her efficient team of several other qualified consultants, Geetanjali believes in eating healthy always. Stay motivated, fit and happy with the extraordinary services provided here! Book your appointment now!