Pediatric Dietitian

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The most crucial phase of life is childhood as nutrition. This phase has an impact over the entire life span.

These Diets are essentially based on RDA approved by the FDA, thus it includes all the food groups and is balanced so that there will be no deficiency or weakness arising in the child. The biggest challenge is feeding a child is the acceptability of food, so while planning diets, this factor is the most important.


  • Food Water Reminder Alert – on your Phone
  • Diet Tool – Lifestyle Journal and Diet Kit Bag
  • App – Access to the App (PLAYSTORE & IOS)
  • What’s App – 24 x 7 Dietician Remote assistance and discussion
  • Activity – Physical Activities if Required
  • Other Diets – Fast Diet, Travelling Diet, Party Diet, Cheat Diet, South Indian Diet, Gujarati Diet, Overseas Diet, North Indian Diet, Pan Indian Diet, Festival Diet.
  • Taking Weekly Recall- Once in 10 days by a Dietician
  • Access to Social Media Forum-For Videos, Blogs, Healthy Tips
  • Live Diet Tracking- By Junior Dietician
  • Day-to-day Motivation Messages- Healthy Tips and Tricks
  • Recipes Online / Offline- Latest, New, Old Diet Recipes (videos)

What do paediatric dietitians help with?

The job of a paediatric dietitian is to see to it that babies, children and teenagers are served a balanced diet. Paediatric dietitians are to be approached by families when their children are in need of special diets that ensure proper and healthy nutrition for the treatment of allergies or ailments like cancer. Such dietitians should also be approached by parents whose kids are fussy about eating.

Who do paediatric dietitians help?

Paediatric dietitians are to help children of all age groups, right from babies (even premature) to teenagers with their nutritional needs. They are especially helpful for children with growth problems including those who face difficulties when eating. There are children with special dietary needs whom paediatric dietitians can help as well.

How do paediatric dietitians work?

Paediatric dietitians work in a team. They make valuable contributions regarding a child’s nutrition in a team that will include doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, speech and occupational therapists, hospital cooks, and many others who contribute in their own significant ways. Please bear in mind that not all teams include the same members. The members are decided by the specific needs of the child.

The paediatric dietitian ensures that not only does the child receive the food but also that the child receives feeding help so that it’s ensured that the child is in its best health condition possible. They are also to guide the parents or the guardians on how it can be ensured that the children are served the best food for balanced nutrition.

It’s the job of the paediatric dietitian to make an assessment of what food your child needs, his/her medical and feeding condition, and the circumstances of the parents and the guardians as well. Once that’s done, the dietitian starts working with the parents/guardians and the others in the team on the kind of nutrition, food and feeding help the child is in need of.