Dietician of Cancer Patients

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases that can affect the human body. The disease causes abnormal growth of a mass, the tumor with the abnormal division of cells. Cancer often takes a very long time to get detected and when the disease has reached an advanced stage, it’s very difficult to cure the disease.

Dietician for cancer

While there’s no specific cause for the disease, there are several risk factors that increase the chances of being afflicted with cancer. However, avoiding these risk factors doesn’t necessarily ensure immunity from cancer.

Diet becomes crucial when a person has cancer. That’s because the treatment for cancer triggers gastrointestinal issues which make meeting the patients’ nutrition needs challenging. The nutritional issues that a cancer patient may face include loss of appetite and weight loss which makes a modified diet texture, a specialized feeding approach, and dietary restrictions necessary.

Meeting these nutritional challenges that a cancer patient faces is difficult indeed. This is where a dietitian comes into the picture. Meet Ms. Geetanjali, an expert dietitian with vast experience and specialized training in oncology nutrition. After a thorough assessment of the dietary and nutritional needs of an individual patient, Ms. Geetanjali provides practical assistance which is scientifically sound too. The assistance provided includes-

  • Managing problems related to eating
  • Prevention of cancer through effective nutrition
  • Identifying resources of nutrition
  • Suggesting suitable recipes

It is of utmost importance that a cancer patient has healthy food. A balanced diet is a must. That’s because cancer treatment involves radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and even surgery which causes a great deal of weakness.

As such, extra intake of protein and calories becomes necessary. Ms. Geetanjali offers dietary advice to both adult and pediatric patients. He/she shall design a food strategy that’s easy to follow. Mr./Ms. realizes that food helps fight cancer. Implementing findings from the latest scientific research on nutrition, he/she offers personalized written instructions that help in,

  • Prevention and correction of deficiencies in nutrition
  • Minimizing the side effects caused by treatment
  • Improving life quality during treatment
  • Strengthen the ability to tolerate the treatment
  • Achieving and maintaining the highest body weight
  • Incorporating healthy habits of nutrition into the patient’s daily life
  • Highlighting the importance of nutrition needs and educating the patient’s family members about it
  • Designing a comprehensive plan after evaluating the risks and benefits of nutrition that help in minimizing the recurrence of cancer symptoms post-treatment

Ms. Geetanjali guides the patient and the family with a dietary plan that includes healthy food with enough vegetables and fruits with a green salad and whole-grain bread. He/she shall design a diet routine that includes eating at regular intervals with small meals. Food rich in nutrients is suggested such as pudding, cooked cereals, beans, seeds, etc.

Ms. Geetanjali also helps the patient and his/her family fight the disease psychologically too. Cancer treatment often takes a heavy toll on the patient’s overall health which causes distress.

Ms. Geetanjali designs a diet that offers enough strength, mental and physical to fight cancer. He/she makes sure that the nutrition offered by the diet helps deal with the stress caused by chemotherapy or surgery.

Ms. Geetanjali is your ally in your fight against cancer, a true friend. Her diet plans ensure that food safety isn’t ignored. The diet planned offers the right balance of nutrients giving the patient the strength needed to bear the treatment and fight the disease. Ms. Geetanjali helps the patient stay strong and well-nourished while preventing malnutrition.

Dietitian for Cancer Patients Dr. Geetanjali works hard in order to make life better with her best nutrition advice. A well planned and balanced diet help preventing the progression of cancer cell in the human body.

You may reach out to her on +91-98691-92070. Her support with a healthy diet shall help face the rigors of cancer treatment.