Diet for Weight Gain

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A major part of the society being so conscious about their weight tend to go into the category of underweight and may happen to suffer from a serious mental condition like Anorexia, bulimia, etc. This weight status can lead them to major adverse conditions like hormonal irregularities Type 1 diabetesmellitus, early Fatigue, Hair Loss, Skin Diseases, heart, etc., thus weight gain here becomes very essential, yet a difficult task to achieve. But with the right consulting and the right diet, nothing is impossible.


This WEIGHT GAIN Program is Clubbed with Maintenance Package

90 Days, You Get 1 Month Free


  • Food Water Reminder Alert – on your
  • Diet Tool – Lifestyle Journal and Diet Kit Bag
  • App – Access to the App (PLAYSTORE & IOS)
  • What’s App – 24 x 7 Dietician Remote assistance and discussion
  • Activity – Physical Activities if Required
  • Other Diets – Fast Diet, Travelling Diet, Party Diet, Cheat Diet, South Indian Diet, Gujarati Diet, Overseas Diet, North Indian Diet, Pan Indian Diet, Festival Diet.
  • Taking Weekly Recall- Once in 10 days by Dietician
  • Access to Social Media Forum-For Videos, Blogs, Healthy tips Live Diet
  • Tracking- By Junior Dietician Day today
  • Motivation Messages- Healthy tips and Tricks
  • Recipes Online / Offline- Latest, New, Old Diet Recipes (videos)

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100% Useful

Under Weight is a condition of poor immunity and so improving on the weight will help in total well being.

Program Length

It varies from person to person, a minimum of 4 weeks to a maximum of 120 days.

Are you Eligible

People who are underweight with any medical conditions are eligible for this program.


  • Do I need to do any medical test?
    If there are any medical symptoms or clinical signs, then the test may be needed to rule out the cause of underweight.
  • How much time it will take to see the results?
    This will depend on how well the diet is followed by the person. Our team and the latest technology with our software will be help and monitor your day to day activities.
  • Do I need to eat a lot?
    You don’t have to eat more or less, we will give you a balanced diet which will have an optimum combination of micro and macro diet like Carbs, Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals, fats, etc.
  • Are there any medical or pills involved?
    It’s a very natural program including an only well-balanced diet and lifestyle intervention. We don’t prescribe or give any pills or medicines to gain weight.