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The effort that you put into slogging it out at your gym for hours goes down the drain if that were to be followed by you eating whatever you want. Similarly, not working out at all while blindly following fad diets doesn’t help either. I, Geetanjali Ahuja Meng advise you that the secret to losing weight is to have your calorie intake in the right amount from sources that suit you. As a practicing dietician in the city of Mumbai, India I shall design a diet plan for you that’ll go a long way in helping you lose weight.

I feel that if you were to stick to your diet successfully, you should keep it as similar to your normal daily diet as you can. That’s the only way you can continue with your diet. If you were to bog yourself down with the pressure of sacrificing the food you like, it’s quite likely that you’ll deviate from it sooner or later. That’s why, I would never deny you the food you like and design a diet plan that includes the food you like in a low-fat form.

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We have lots of online clients from different cities and other parts of the world whom we get connected via Videos and audio calls across time zones.

We provide their patients customized diets as well as exercise regime based on the patient’s medical history and also according to their needs.

At the clinic we also offer healthy weight loss management techniques. Here at Geetanjali Medical Nutrition Clinic we believe in “Eating Right,” and not just focusing on losing weight. We provide our patients with diet plans which ensure weight management as well as meet all the nutritional needs of the body.

Masters Of Science In Dietetics And Food Service Management MSc. (DFSM), Bachelor in Nutrition (ACEND), Diploma in Dietetics & Clinical Nutrition, PGCE (Certified Diabetes Educator), Advanced Clinical Nutrition Program, PG Certificate Course In Diabetes Education (PGDCE).

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This Is Shruti, From Bandra
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In the hours that followed she was greeted by the now almost daily episodes of piercing anxiety, shame and hopelessness...

...all while being consumed by venomous guilt that she was letting everybody around her down.

And while she often caught her husband looking at other women the same way he used to look at her,

She still tried her best to get her body back by trying every diet under the sun

and exercising for hours-on-end each and every day.

But it was on this day... after stepping on the scale,
that she finally realized it was all for nothing.

This is Puspa, From Delhi
She joined our personalized
online weight loss Program.
She Loss her more than 18 KG's.
In Time frame of 3 Months..

She proved that 80% is Balanced Diet
and 20% Day to Day Activities.

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Who are now raving fans of the weight loss only flavor pairing solution I discovered...
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