Top Celebrity Dietitians in Mumbai – Film Star Dietitians

Geetanjali Ahuja is one of the renowned celebrity dietitian nutritionist in Mumbai and has been helping people with their diets since the last 15 years. A registered dietitian nutritionist she has worked with several media and celebrity personnel and helped them with maintaining their fitness.

Functioning with a team of highly qualified and experienced dietitians, her clinic is located in Mumbai’s prime locations and not only this, their unique online consulting platform allows the customers to avail personalized nutrition tips from the comfort of their home. Well equipped with the latest technological facilities, people can now receive one to one nutrition consultation by using their online consulting platforms.

Importance of Nutrition

Nutrition is one of the most important parts of our life. Staying fit or healthy may sound difficult, but with the right amount of care and attention, it is really easy. Including the right amount of nutrition in our daily life will not only make us fit but also provide us with energy to deal with the tedious schedules or long working hours.

Under the guidance of Geetanjali Ahuja, each individual is provided with proper attention and care. Starting from their medical history to their lifestyle details, every little aspect is studied minutely before providing the right diet. Geetanjali personally deals with her clients and under her guidance there is no chance of short cuts or skipping meals.

It is really important for every individual to understand that not all diet plans, or workout routines are meant for everyone, we all are different and so there are different plans for everyone. Geetanjali provides her customers with the right diet that will work for them in a positive and healthy manner.

Why Geetanjali Ahuja?

With a major celebrity client, Geetanjali has emerged to be one of the leading celebrity consultants in the city. Her personalized approach has made her diet plan and health regulating programs a major success.

A shaped and well tone body is the prime need of most celebrities where public image becomes their identity. In the course of shaping the desired body as well as maintaining it, the professionals forget about nutrition often depriving their body of the valuable and necessary nutrients for a healthy body. They often land up over exercising and thus draining themselves of energy and muscle mass. Getting into shape does not mean running out on nutrients and thus proper care is required to boost health. Here at Geetanjali body valuing is taken to the next level with personalized care, attention and planning.

With very little time for personal care and a public image to keep up to, celebrities easily fall prey to an unhealthy lifestyle. Geetanjali Ahuja consultants keep every minute detail in mind and cater to the individual needs of each celebrity and shape their dietary needs for a super healthy lifestyle amidst the choc a block schedules. Proper food guides, live food tracking, diet kits, feel good packages, motivation counseling and many more micro plans make the program unique for busy celebrities. Online support and round the clock services help in flexi timing and thus makes the program even more lucrative. Her clinic and online facilities are available almost any time of the year that provides services with care and attention.