Best Dietitian & Nutritionist in Bangalore

RD Dietician and Nutritionist, Dr. Geetanjali Ahuja (Mengi) has been much-valued support for people helping them in Bangalore to achieve their dieting goals over the last 17+ years by customizing diet regimes. With a team of well-qualified dieticians and nutritionists, Geetanjali has helped many make the correct choices when it comes to their diet plan and lifestyle.

Geetanjali is conscious of the ills of a sedentary lifestyle and the various ailments it invites. She realizes that in the mad rush that life is, people fall prey to stress which may trigger a number of health issues. Therefore, Geetanjali studies the lifestyle of each of her patients before deciding on their diet plans. She’s strongly against those seeking her help avoiding what they love to eat. Such an approach only adds to the stress and causes depression.

Geetanjali therefore doesn’t just come up with diet regimes. She’s more of a diet and lifestyle coach who brings about a complete transformation in your daily life. Working with a team of well-qualified dietitians and nutritionists, Geetanjali looks forward to sharing her knowledge and expertise acquired over 15 years of dedicated service through online consultations. You may book an appointment for a live video chat session with Geetanjali and her team at your convenience.

Check us out on our cutting-edge online platform where we offer one-on-one consultations answering all your nutrition-related queries. We have brought the world of healthy nutrition right at your fingertips! The online consultations involve taking your feedback and then suggesting what suits your needs the best. Regular follow-ups are arranged as well to see how well you are doing.

Geetanjali happens to be an active member of:

Dr. Geetanjali Ahuja Mengi (Bangalore)

  • Masters Of Science In Dietetics And Food Service Management (DFSM)
  • Bachelor in Nutrition (ACEND)
  • Diploma in Dietetics & Clinical Nutrition, PGCE (Certified Diabetes Educator)
  • Advanced Clinical Nutrition Program, PG Certificate Course In Diabetes Education (PGDCE)

Why Should You Choose Us?

  • More than 17+ years of experience
  • More than 9500 clients
  • Spread across 44 countries
  • Customized diet plans for each patient
  • Reminding alerts when food should be taken via WHATSAPP
  • Dietician support all through the day (24 x 7 – Online) via WHATSAPP
  • Live food tracking
  • Analysis of body composition
  • Guidance on food intake
  • Diet plans
  • Clinics are open all 365 days a year

A Bit More about Dr. Geetanjali Ahuja Mengi

Geetanjali, apart from being a dietitian, is also a much-respected motivational speaker in Bangalore. She’s also a leading sports nutritionist and is associated with many celebrities helping them with their diet plans. You may also seek her help regarding obesity issues as Geetanjali is also an obesity consultant.

Geetanjali has been a pillar of strength for people having weight issues. She has designed diet plans that have worked wonders for her many patients. Taking a personalized approach, Geetanjali forms a bond with her patients being a true friend, guide, and philosopher to each one of them.